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Simple Steps To Find And Remove Duplicate Files

From windows explorer : use context menu ( right click ) to add any folder to the included folders list for scanning.

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From the program interface :

Add Folders

    Use this button to open folder selection dialogue , Select the folder(s) then CLICK Select Folder button. This will as folder(s) to “Included/Excluded” folders list.

  Use this button to remove the CHECKED folders from list.

  Use this button to clear the folders list.

Select the Scan Type ( All File Types – Image Files – Audio Files )
Use ‘ More Scan Settings ‘ button to view the available scan-criteria and choose the way the software scan for duplicates
Search-criteria defines the way the application compares files to determine whether or not they are duplicates.

Scan Type

Optionally you can set scan filters to narrow down the numbers of files to scan . You can set which file types  to scan and which to exclude. You can also set the file date range to scan and the file size range to scan .


Press on the   Start   button to begin the scan process.
The time taken in the scan process depending on your system and on the number of files in the selected locations also the searching settings used.

After scan complete, by using the built-in file content preview you could review the scan result to verify if they are duplicates .

You can review the duplicate list, export it to an xml file .
And, select which files to process ( delete / move / rename / copy ).

You can select the duplicate you want to process by many ways and criteria. You can Select by file date(create/modify) file type(extension) or file folder and more ….Select Duplicate By Date

Using the “Duplicate Folders” list you can know exactly which folders to keep and which to delete ( with the “Delete Empty Folders ” in the setting forms is checked) .

Select Duplicate By Date
You can remove from list( not delete) a file , folder or file type from the scan result to avoid processing it .
  1. Delete Duplicates –  You can delete files permanently or to Recycle Bin.
  2. Move/Copy To –  Move/Copy the files to specified folder.
  3. Rename – This allows to rename files.
File Actions

Note :

  • Select Duplicates using ‘ File Type ‘ will select duplicates and the original file, DO NOT DELETE them unless you know what you do , Instead you could only REMOVE them from the list .
  • The output list includes both original files and duplicates! You need to be careful when you select duplicates for delete or move .