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Find Duplicates

Duplicate Audio Finder
  • Scan and find duplicate Music files by comparing music tags Artist, Title and Album.
  • Supports many file types like MP3 , MP2 , WAV , WMA , M4P (iTunes), AAC , OGG and many other formats.
  • Compare just the audio data ( content ) without the tag information, So that, if you have two copies of the same track tagged differently, Simple Duplicate Finder will find them .
Duplicate Photo Finder
  • Using an advanced algorithms to find similar images even if they are Rotated, Flipped, Resized, and Edited or saved in other formats.
  • Adjustable similarity ratio for finding similar photos even if it was edited
  • Search using photo “Aspect Ratio” and/or “Resolution”
  • Use one of the above options or combination of them to set how to search for the duplicate images.
Duplicate Files Finder

Compare files using :

  • File Content , By calculating a hash code for each file and compare these hashes
  • File Size
  • Filename and extension
  • Use one of the above options or combination of them to set how to search for the duplicate files

Filters and options
  • Manage the scan folders list ( Folders To Scan / folders to exclude from scanning ) , With an easy to handle interface.
  • Narrow down the numbers of files that will be examined by many search filtering options
    • By file type , You can include/exclude certain file types
    • By file size range
    • By file create/modify date range

By setting these filters you can significantly reduce the time spend looking for duplicates.

Manage Duplicates

Result View
  • List Duplicate files, where the duplicate files are grouped together
  • List of folders that contains duplicates. To easily target the unwanted folders copy and delete them
  • List of duplicates file types, that will give you a good idea of the most duplicates you have in your computer
Duplicate Selection
  • Select files and keep only the ( newest / oldest ) file according to file ( modify / create ) date
  • Select duplicates by file folder
  • Select duplicates by file type
  • Easy access selection menu and right-click context menu for fast and easy duplicate selection
SAFELY – Delete, Move, Copy OR Rename Duplicate
  • Delete the selected files permanently or to the recycle bin.
  • Move or copy duplicates to a certain folder ( predefined in settings ).
  • Rename the selected files.

Use “Protected Folders List” to protect system files and folders ( or any user folders added to the list ) from being accidentally processed.

Other Features
  • Built-in file preview supports most common multimedia files, audio, video and image files and document files.
  • Save/Load scan settings to use it for different project.
  • Save your search results for a later analysis before choosing what to keep and what to delete.
  • Pause/Resume and Stop the scan process at any time .