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Main Screen

Simple Duplicate Finder Main Interface


Scan Type

What to Scan

All File Types : Scan for duplicates in ALL file types ( including Images and Audio ) with the selected option

Photo Files : Compare images with Similarity ratio or Resolution or Aspect ratio and image name or combination of them

Audio Files : Compares with audio tags ( Album – Title – Artist ) or ignore tags and compare only the data ( Audio content )

Scan Filters

Optional filters to narrow down the number of files to be scanned for duplicates

Scan Filters

   Included File Types : Scan only the specified file types . you can choose from a predefined types using  button or you can type it in this format ( *.PDF;*.DOC;*.TXT )

   Excluded File Types : Exclude the specified file types from the scan process .

   Scan File Size Range : Scan only the files with the specified size range .

   Scan File Date Range : Scan only the files with the specified date range